The Importance of Dental Sealants

importance of dental selants

Dental Sealants can be described as thin resin layers that are strategically placed on the pits, fissures and grooves of your molars in order to prevent further decay of those surfaces. You might consider them to be raincoats for your teeth. Sealants can significantly reduce the likelihood of further decay taking place, although decay may actually develop in between your teeth. Sealants will also significantly reduce your overall chances of getting cavities in the future.

Of course at Pearl Dental P.C. we always like to promote developing and cultivating healthy brushing and flossing habits in order to create a legacy of good oral health for yourself and those who you decide to share your knowledge with. But sealants can also be a powerful safety net for you to jump start your oral hygiene and help secure the health of your teeth in the future. Sealants can also be applied in order to reduce further decay on your molars, which can help prevent what could turn into a cavity in the future.

Your molars, the chewing surfaces of your back teeth go through a lot of wear and tear. You might even take them for granted as you go through your day, not really taking account of the fact that these molars help you grind through tough foods, readying them for digestion. It important to safeguard these little soldiers in your mouth. Giving them a protective coating is both practical and affordable at Pearl Dental P.C.

Sealants have been proven to help reduce the risk of molar decay by nearly 80%. Sealants will often last several years or even more when used in conjunction with a healthy oral hygiene regimen. If you have any additional questions about dental sealants, then please do not hesitate to contact Pearl Dental in Farmington Hills today.